Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Custom Aire Heating and Cooling provides air conditioning installation, repair, service and maintenance in Muscatine. An improperly cared for air conditioner is not only inefficient, but uses more power than needed. Don’t let wasted electricity shock your household bill. Call us and we’ll check for the daily wear and tear faced by every unit, as well as address problems you may not know. We clean out drain pans, drain lines, and compressors making your air conditioner work like brand new.

In fact, the hotter the summer, the more attention is needed by air conditioning units. High temperatures can be hard on your system. We recommend more than one inspection a year, spring and mid summer, when the sun shines extra hot. Our air conditioner repair in Muscatine will cool you down.

Unfortunately, many in the Muscatine area wait until it’s too late. We know those 100 degree days are coming, and want you to be prepared. We’re also there for any air conditioner emergency. Getting overheated is a serious problem with a quick fix. Our staff not only has the tools, but the parts to get your unit running again, making your home an oasis in the Muscatine sun.

Custom Aire Heating and Cooling brings knowledge to air conditioner repair in Muscatine. We’ve looked at hundreds of units in hundreds of homes. Everyone’s air conditioner is unique, but there’s no reason it can’t always run at maximum efficiency.

Get the best out of your air conditioner by giving us a call at 563-506-0332.